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When you go to buy a new car, do you go in to talk to the sales person in a totally relaxed state of mind? Are you thinking of recipes, family and friends, visualizing your friends kids 3rd birthday? Are you thinking of summer plans, and feeling laid back?

Yeah, me either.

You’ve got your guard up. A wall up. You’re ready to negotiate and you’re on high alert to get the best deal you can. You are sticking to your guns and not paying a penny more than the number you have in your head.

Sound more realistic??

It’s harder to sell to someone who feels anxious than to someone who is in a relaxed state of mind. It’s easier to sell to people who are relaxed and engaging in a friendly conversation, looking at pictures of puppies smiling and dolphins waving.

social-media-management1When a consumer is on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram, they’re casually looking around, talking with friends, checking hot topics/trends, and are relaxed. Their guard is down. The thought of “I have a price in my head and I’m not going above that” or “I don’t need any of this stuff” isn’t present in their mind at that moment in time when they are looking around social media.

And, there’s the power of influence

Thinking back, how many of you have been “sold” to on social media? Did you realize it at the time? Or are you just realizing it now?