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All of the social media platforms that we’ve talked about use the capabilities of hash tags, the pound symbol. Many people have NO idea what these are used for, so I wanted to be sure that we discussed. When you put a hash tag in front of a word, whether its in a post on Facebook, a tweet, or with an instragram photo, it makes that specific word a link. For example, if I were to write cupcake, and put a hash tag in front of it, the word CUPCAKE is now a link. Why is does this matter??Because if I want to get in contact with other people who are talking about all things CUPCAKE, I can click on that word, and see a list of other people talking about a like topic.

Mmmmm… now I want a cupcake.


This is super critical when you are engaging with others and broadening your social media circle.

Have you used #hashtags before? Were you using them correctly??